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Large Multiple Leaf Plate From The Eocene
Stock Number  FPUMU02

Name:   See Description
Age:  Eocene
Formation:  Green River Formation
Location:  Bonanza, Utah
Size:  Plate is 7.2" X 8.4"

Here is a spectacular plate of fossil leaves from the Eocene of Utah. There are five different leaves beautifully displayed on this plate. On the left side of the slab, near the top, is a wonderful specimen of Rhus nigricans, a sumac. Above the sumac leaf is an unidentified leaf of a strange type. To the right of these leaves is a large example of Salix cockerelli, a willow. A small Mimosites leaf is positioned just to the right of the slender willow. At the bottom of the plate is a very rare example of Beilschmiedia eocenica. An unidentified seed is also present on the plate just to the right of the Beilschmiedia leaf. The leaves have excellent detail - the venation is clearly defined and most of the leaves still have the petiole attached. The leaves have great color and contrast and are well positioned on the semi-rectangular plate of shale. This is a very displayable plate of different types of leaves from the Green River Formation.