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Very Large Plate with Three Different Fossil Leaves
Stock Number  FPGRL703

Name:   Three Different Fossil Leaves
Age:  Eocene
Formation:  Green River Formation
Location:  Douglas Pass, Colorado
Size:  Plate is about 10 inches across

Here is a very nice plate of fossil leaves from the Green River Formation of Colorado. There are three different leaves on the plate. On the left side of the slab is a complete Salix cockerelli (Willow) leaf. In the center is a beautiful unidentified leaf (rare!). On the right side is a Large, bug-eaten Allophylus flexifolia leaf. The leaves exhibit fine detail - the venation of the leaves is quite evident. The fossils have great color and contrast and are nicely showcased on the large, squared plate of shale that also has a Lygodium kaulfussii (Climbing Fern) leaf on the back side. This is a very nice multiple plate of fossil leaves from Colorado.