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Striking Annularia Branch from the Coal Age
Stock Number  FPFMO716

Name:   Annularia Branch
Age:  Pennsylvanian
Formation:  Braidwood Formation
Location:  Johnson County, Missouri
Size:  Concretion is 2.1 inches long

Here is a very distinct fossil plant from Missouri. This is Annularia sp. from the Coal Age. Annularia represent the leaf whorls of the Calamites plant. This fossil is wonderfully preserved in a concretion. Both halves of the concretion are present, so both part and counterpart of the fossil are intact. The plant exhibits very fine detail - the central stem of the plant is quite visible, and parts of four large, distinct whorls of long, linear leaves are clearly defined. The dark brown fossil contrasts beautifully with the redish brown matrix. This is an excellent specimen of Annularia from the ''Show Me State''.