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Colorful Glossopteris brownii Leaf Plate from NSW
Stock Number  FPAUS702

Name:   Glossopteris brownii
Age:  Permian
Formation:  Illawarra Coal Measures
Location:  Dunedoo, NSW, Australia
Size:  Plate is 3.3 inches tall

Here is a very unique fossil plant. This is a beautiful Glossopteris brownii leaf plate from the Permian of Australia. Glossopteris was a tree of substantial size and had a trunk reaching up to 16'' in diameter. This giant seed fern had very thick leaves - each leaf had a sturdy midrib with a network of veins. Fossils from this tree are an important indicator of the theory of continental drift. There are a few nice leaves present on this plate, and they exhibit fine detail - under magnification, the venation is beautifully displayed. The orangish-red leaves contrast strikingly with the creamish pink matrix. The leaves are well showcased on the squared plate of shale. And there are also leaves preserved on the back side of the rock. This is a very cool specimen of Permian vegetation from Australia.