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EXTINCTIONS CHOICE - Rare Triassic Nuts/Fruits
Stock Number  FPNUT702

Name:   Triassic Nuts/Fruits
Age:  Triassic
Formation:  Petrified Forest
Location:  Cerro Cuadrado, Patagonia, Argentina
Size:  Largest nut is 3.5 inches long!

This is a very rare pair of unidentified nuts/fruits from the famous pinecone site in Patagonia, Argentina. These large nuts have been replaced by silica and still retains its natural shape. The distinct fossils have been removed from the surrounding matrix so that it can be viewed from all angles. The nuts exhibit very fine detail - the outer shell coverings are extremely well defined. And these specimens are just huge for fossil nuts in the fossil record. These are huge, top quality examples of Triassic fruits/nuts from the wilds of Argentina.

Note: Argentina has now banned the export of all fossils. We will strictly abide by and enforce this law - we will not acquire new fossils from Argentina. However, this fossil was collected and exported prior to this law, and can be sold legally.