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Very Colorful Glossopteris Leaf from Australia
Stock Number  FPAU702

Name:   Glossopteris brownii
Age:  Permian
Formation:  Illawarra Coal Measures
Location:  Dunedoo, NSW, Australia
Size:  Plate is 3.5 inches long

Here is a very unique fossil plant. This is a beautiful Glossopteris brownii leaf from the Permian of Australia. Glossopteris was a tree of substantial size and had a trunk reaching up to 16'' in diameter. This giant seed fern had very thick leaves - each leaf had a sturdy midrib with a network of veins. Fossils from this tree are an important indicator of the theory of continental drift. There is a very nice leaf present on this plate, and it exhibits fine detail - under magnification, the venation is beautifully displayed. The orangish-red leaf contrasts strikingly with the textured pinkish matrix. The leaf is well showcased on the long plate of shale. This is a very affordable specimen of Permian vegetation from Australia.