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EXTINCTIONS CHOICE - Sphenophyllum Flowers
Stock Number  FPFMO341

Name:   Sphenophyllum sp.
Age:  Pennsylvanian
Formation:  Braidwood Formation
Location:  Johnson County, Missouri
Size:  Concretion is 1.3 inches across

This is an incredibly beautiful fossil plant. It is a split pair of Sphenophyllum from Johnson County, Missouri. Sphenophyllum are the leaf whorls of an extinct horsetail - they are related to the modern-day scouring rushes, and are a very uncommon find in this formation. The two "flowers" have great detail and are wonderfully showcased in the concretion. Both halves of the concretion are intact and offered together. This is a cool grouping of Sphenophyllum flowers preserved in a split pair concretion.