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EXTINCTIONS CHOICE - Rare Neuropteris Frond
Stock Number  FPFMO409

Name:   Neuropteris Frond in Concretion
Age:  Pennsylvanian
Formation:  Braidwood Formation
Location:  Johnson County, Missouri
Size:  Concretion is 2.6 inches long

This is a fabulous specimen of a Neuropteris frond from the Pennsylvanian of Missouri. The fossil has been preserved in a siderite concretion, and both halves of the concretion are present. This is a very complete specimen - usually, Neuropteris is only found as individual leaves. There are SEVEN leaves attached to the frond - extremely rare to be found in a concretion! The fossil exhibits very fine detail - the distinct venation of the seed fern is easily seen. The fossil has nice color and great contrast. This is a very displayable concretion containing a Neuropteris frond.