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Very Nice of Plate of Leaves - Unusual Association
Stock Number  FPUMU40

Name:   Multiple Leaf Plate
Age:  Eocene
Formation:  Green River Formation
Location:  Douglas Pass, Colorado
Size:  Plate is 5.2 inches tall

Here is a very unusual plate of fossil leaves from the Eocene of Colorado. There are two distinct leaves (of two different types) on this slab. It is very unusual to find these types of fossil leaves on the same plate. On the upper half of the plate is a huge example of Zelkova nervosa (Keaki Tree leaf). A decent Populus cinnamomoides leaf is on the bottom of the slab. Both of the fossils are quite distinct and are easily seen on the rock. The fossils have excellent, natural color and contrast and are nicely positioned on the squared plate that also contains other partial leaves. This is an uncommon association plate of different fossil leaves from the Green River Formation.