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Very Large Ginkgo Leaf with Nice White Coloration
Stock Number  FPGIN308

Name:   Ginkgo biloba
Age:  Paleocene
Formation:  Sentinnel Butte Formation
Location:  Almont, North Dakota
Size:  Leaf is 3.4 inches across!

Here is a very displayable fossil Ginkgo leaf. This is Ginkgo biloba (formerly G. adiantoides) from the Paleocene of North Dakota. This large fossil leaf is quite distinct and preserves fine detail. The leaf has great form, and the palmate venation of the Ginkgo leaf is wonderfully displayed (difficult to see in photo). This specimen has a petiole tightly attached to the leaf. The off-white color of the leaf contrasts beautifully with the dark brown matrix. The leaf is well showcased on the large plate of matrix that also contains some other plant fossils. This is a nice, large Ginkgo biloba leaf from North Dakota.