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EXTINCTIONS CHOICE - Outstanding Ginkgo Leaf
Stock Number  FPGIN301

Name:   Ginkgo biloba
Age:  Eocene
Formation:  Tranquille Shale
Location:  Cache Creek, British Columbia, Canada
Size:  Leaf is 2.35 inches long

This is a very rare fossil leaf. It is a gorgeous Ginkgo biloba leaf from the Eocene of Canada. This leaf is fully lobed and has dichotomous venation. The large leaf exhibits wonderful detail. The shape of the leaf is intact and beautifully displayed, and the venation is easily seen. The leaf has a LONG petiole still attached. The fossil has excellent color and contrast and is well showcased on the natural plate of shale that also contains a Metasequoia frond. This is one of the better Ginkgo leaves from Canada we have ever had.