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EXTINCTIONS CHOICE - Rare Blue Forest Wood
Stock Number  FPVV901

Name:   Blue Forest Wood
Age:  Eocene
Formation:  Blue Forest
Location:  Fontenelle, Wyoming
Size:  Log is 9.5 inches long

This is a very rare and beautiful fossil. It is a large petrified wood log from the famous Blue Forest of Wyoming. It is thought that more than 50 million years ago, earthquakes in the Blue Forest uprooted the trees, snapping off some of them but leaving other trees still standing up. As the land sank, water spread into the low spots. Nearby, erupting volcanoes filled the sky with falling ash, which fell on the trees encasing them into air tight chambers. The hot ash dried the wood and heated / charred the wood, giving it its color. Rain water would dissolve the lava ash into a crystalline solution to fill the empty spaces - colorful chalcedony. Blue Forest wood shows exceptional wood preservation with annular rings, bark, worm holes, worm paths, burls and fantastic whole pieces. This log displays the unique blue and orange colors beautifully. The annual rings are also extremely well displayed. This is an extremely collectible example of Blue Forest Wood, recently acquired from a major fossil collection.