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Very Detailed Balloon Vine Leaf from Utah
Stock Number  Z109093

Name:   Cardiospermum coloradensis (Balloon Vine)
Age:  Eocene
Formation:  Green River Formation
Location:  Bonanza, Utah
Size:  Leaf is 2.3 inches long

This is an excellent specimen of Cardiospermum coloradensis, a Balloon Vine leaf, from the Green River Formation of Utah. Living members of Cardiospermum are herbaceous, or woody vines. The fossil species appear to represent shrubs rather than vines. This leaf is quite large for the type and exhibits very good detail. The distinctly lobed leaf looks sort of like an Oak leaf and has great color and contrast. The leaf is well displayed on the natural plate of shale that also contains many insects on the back side. This is a very displayable specimen of this classic-looking leaf from the Eocene.

This fossil was collected and obtained legally, and is also being sold legally.