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Fabulous Legume Fruiting Body (Pea Pod)
Stock Number  FPSEED301

Name:   Legume Fruiting Body (Pea Pod)
Age:  Eocene
Formation:  Green River Formation
Location:  Bonanza, Utah
Size:  Pea pod is 2.5 inches long

This is a very nice specimen of a "pea pod" from a fossil legume. This fruit is from the Eocene of Utah. The fossil looks like a "snap pea", or "sugar pea" pod. It looks like there are even faint impressions of the individual ''peas''! The fossil has great color and contrasts wonderfully with the lighter-colored matrix. The specimen is nicely centered on the natural matrix plate. This is an excellent example of a fossilized pea pod from the Green River Formation.

This fossil was collected and obtained legally, and is also being sold legally.