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Large Slice of Petrified Wood - Madagascar
Stock Number  FPPW26

Name:   Araucauria Wood
Age:  Triassic
Formation:  Petrified Forest
Location:  Madagascar
Size:  Slice is over 7 inches wide

This is a very pretty petrified wood specimen. It is a large slice of Araucaria wood from the Triassic of Madagascar. Araucaria is closely related to the modern-day monkey-puzzle tree. It is very easily seen that this is a cross-section of a branch or limb from the tree. The bark on the outside of the slice is still quite evident. The piece of petrified wood has been highly polished, and the coloration is totally natural and quite beautiful. This is a large, displayable example of petrified wood from the Triassic.

This fossil was collected and obtained legally, and is also being sold legally.