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EXTINCTIONS CHOICE - Louisiana Petrified Wood
Stock Number  FPPW22

Name:   Petrified Palm Wood (Palmoxylon)
Age:  Oligocene
Formation:  Catahoula Formation
Location:  South Central Louisiana
Size:  Wood is 6.7 inches across

This is one of the most colorful slices of Petrified Wood that we have ever seen. It is a large slice of Petrified Palm Wood (Palmoxylon) from the Oligocene Deposits of South Central Louisiana. Petrified Palm Wood (Palmoxylon) was named the State Fossil of Louisiana on July 31, 1976. This distinct wood is quite striking, with its very unusual red-orange coloration - it is even more impressive in person. The surface of the wood has been polished to a mirror finish. And the bark is even preserved on the edges of the slice! This is simply a top quality example of this highly unusual fossilized Palm wood from Louisiana.