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Triassic Pinecone with Nice Seed Detail
Stock Number  A323052

Name:   Araucaria elongatus
Age:  Triassic
Formation:  Petrified Forest
Location:  Cerro Cuadrado, Patagonia, Argentina
Size:  Cone is 2.65 inches tall

This is an unusual fossil cone. It is an Araucaria elongatus cone from the Triassic of Argentina. This specimen should not be confused with the more common Araucaria mirabilis from the Jurassic. The cone is entirely replaced by silica, and the extraordiany detail of the cone is wonderfully defined. This cone was sliced with a diamond saw and the cross section has been highly polished for optimal display. The interior of the cone exhibits the individual seeds in beautiful fashion. The exterior of the cone also shows nice structure. This is a very striking example of this uncommon Triassic cone.

Note: Argentina has now banned the export of all fossils. We will strictly abide by and enforce this law - we will not acquire new fossils from Argentina. However, this fossil was collected and exported prior to this law, and can be sold legally.