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Unusual Sycamore Leaf from Oregon
Stock Number  FPORE02

Name:   Platanus sp. (Sycamore)
Age:  Miocene
Formation:  Sucker Creek Formation
Location:  Oregon
Size:  Leaf is 2.2" long including petiole

Here is a very unusual leaf from the Miocene of Oregon. Although not lobed like most sycamore leaves, this leaf has been identified as Platanus sp., a sycamore. This specimen exhibits fine detail. The serrated margins of the leaf are quite distinct and the venation is easily seen. The pointed tip of the leaf is intact and the short petiole is still attached. The orangish color of the leaf is totally natural. The leaf is nicely presented on the rectangular plate that also contains two large, unidentified seeds (to the right of the leaf). This is a very pretty specimen of an unusual sycamore leaf from the Sucker Creek Formation.