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Fossil Seed Fern - Both Halves of a Concretion
Stock Number  FPFMI30

Name:   Fossil Seed Fern in Concretion
Age:  Pennsylvanian
Formation:  Braidwood Formation
Location:  Johnson County, Missouri
Size:  Concretion is 2.5 inches long

This is a large fossil seed fern from the Pennsylvanian of Missouri. The seed fern has been preserved in a siderite concretion, and both halves (part and counterpart) of the nodule are present. The dark color of the seed fern contrasts beautifully with the orangish concretion. The fossil exhibits very fine detail - the individual leaflets of the frond are very well defined. This is a collectible specimen of a fossil seed fern from the Coal Age of the Midwestern United States.