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Long Metasequoia Frond With Great Detail
Stock Number  FPCA22

Name:   Metasequoia occidentalis
Age:  Eocene
Formation:  Tranquille Shale
Location:  Cache Creek, British Columbia, Canada
Size:  Frond is 3.8 inches long

This is a beautiful specimen of Metasequoia occidentalis from the Eocene of Canada. Metasequoia was first known as a fossil from Pliocene deposits in Korea. In 1948, living specimens were discovered in a remote area of central China. Now, Metasequoia is widely cultivated throughout the world. This ''Dawn Redwood'' consists of a central stem with the individual needles oppositely attached. This large frond exhibits fine detail - the main axis is easily seen, and the individual leaflets are wonderfully displayed. And the frond appears to be complete to the very tip! The fossil has great color and contrast and is well presented on the natural plate of shale. This is a very aesthetic example of a long Metasequoia frond.