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Silicified Log With Beautiful Color
Stock Number  FPPW15

Name:   Araucaria sp.
Age:  Triassic
Formation:  ''Petrified Forest''
Location:  Madagascar
Size:  Log is 6.5'' across and almost 5'' high

This is a gorgeous piece of petrified wood. This is Araucaria sp. from the Triassic of Madagascar. This tree was closely related to the modern-day monkey-puzzle tree. It is very easy to see that this was once part of the trunk or large branch of a tree. The bark is intact and wonderfully diplayed around the entire circumference of the specimen. One end of the large piece has been highly polished to reveal the spectacular colors of the silicified wood. Many shades of red and yellow are beautifully exhibited. This is a superb example of a very colorful petrified log that would display well in anyone's home or office.