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Unusual Ginkgoites Leaf From British Columbia
Stock Number  FPCA05

Name:   Ginkgoites cf. hermelini
Age:  Eocene
Formation:  Tranquille Shale
Location:  Cache Creek, British Columbia, Canada
Size:  Leaf is almost 3.0 inches long.

Here is a very interesting fossil leaf from the Eocene. This is Ginkgoites cf. hermelini from British Columbia, Canada. This leaf is much like a true Ginkgo except that it is very dissected. This leaf exhibits extremely nice palmate venation. This large leaf has a section of the petiole still attached. The fossil has good color and contrasts nicely with the lighter-colored matrix. This unusual fossil leaf is well positioned on the natural plate of shale. This is a great example of Ginkgoites from the Tranquille Shale.