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Ginkgo Leaf With Long Petiole Centered On Matrix
Stock Number  FPNDG03

Name:   Ginkgo adiantoides
Age:  Paleocene
Formation:  Fort Union Formation
Location:  Almont, North Dakota
Size:  Leaf is 3.0 inches wide and 3.1 inches long with petiole.

This is an excellent specimen of Ginkgo adiantoides from the Fort Union Formation of North Dakota. The leaf is complete and retains a long petiole. The palmate venation is well displayed. The leaf is actually laying on top and partially obscuring another ginkgo leaf. Also, there is a partial Ginkgo leaf on the bottom right of the slab. The whitish color of the leaves contrasts wonderfully with the dark brown matrix. The main specimen is almost perfectly centered on the rounded piece of matrix. This is a beautiful ginkgo leaf from the Paleocene.