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Rare Fossil Plant from the NY Eurypterid Site
Stock Number  FPX02

Name:   Cooksonia sp.
Age:  Silurian
Formation:  Fiddlers Green Formation (Bertie Waterlime) Phelps Member
Location:  Herkimer County, New York
Size:  Plate is 2.5" X 3"

This is a rare fossil plant. It is a large specimen of Cooksonia from the eurypterid site in New York State. This is a Silurian plant from a brackish-water environment, so its occurrence in the fossil record is very limited. This specimen has excellent detail and super contrast. This is one of the better examples ever found at this site. And there is even a partial eurypterid on the back side of the plate - there is no mistaking where this specimen came from! This is a very important Paleozoic plant fossil.