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Rare Plant Material In Devonian Roofing Slate
Stock Number  FPX04

Name:   Unidentified Plant Material
Age:  Devonian
Formation:  Hunsruck Shale (Bundenbach)
Location:  Bundenbach, Germany
Size:  Plate is 1.9" X 4.1"

Here is an unbelievably rare plant specimen that we recently obtained from an old German collection. This plant is from the famous Devonian slate of Bundenbach, Germany. The quarries that produced the roofing slate are now closed. The only way to obtain any fossils from this "classic" site is through the dispersal of old collections. All of the fossils from this site are rare occurrences -but this fossil has to be one of the most scarce of the rare. This is the first example of a fossil plant from this location that we have seen. This plant is preserved by iron pyrite or "fool's gold". The golden color of the fossil contrasts well with the dark shale. This is an extremely unusual find of a primitive plant from Bundenbach, Germany.