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EXTINCTIONS CHOICE- Rare Lepidostrobus Cone
Stock Number  FPCON703

Name:   Lepidostrobus sp.
Age:  Pennsylvanian
Formation:  Cherokee Series
Location:  Pella, Iowa
Size:  Cone is 4.3 inches long
Price:  $299.00

This is a wonderful plate of Coal Age fossils from Iowa. On the left side of the plate is a very detailed impression of bark from the Lepidodendron tree. Lepidodendron trees were very important in the formation of coal in the mid-continent area. The detailed pattern of the bark is very distinct. Each "diamond" represents the point of attachment of a fallen leaf. Also, there is an excellent example of Lepidostrobus, a cone from the Lepidodendron tree, on the slab. Lepidostrobus cones are quite rare in the fossil record. The Lepidostrobus cone consisted of a central stalk crowded with spirally arranged bracts, the upper surface of each bearing a single spore case. The cone has great form and exhibits very fine detail. The fossils have outstanding color and contrast and are nicely showcased on the large, natural plate of matrix. This is a very collectible plate of fossils from the Lepidodendron tree.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.