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EXTINCTIONS CHOICE - Killer Double Sycamore
Stock Number  FPUPW805

Name:   Macginitiea wyomingensis (Sycamore Leaves)
Age:  Eocene
Formation:  Green River Formation
Location:  Bonanza, Utah
Size:  Plate is about 8 inches across
Price:  SOLD

This is a fabulous plate of Sycamore leaves from the Green River Shale. There are two wonderful specimens of Macginitiea wyomingensis on this plate. The leaves display excellent detail and wonderful venation. Both of the specimens exhibit distinct, coarsely-toothed margins - one leaf even has two missing lobe tips that had been bug-eaten! The long, stout petioles of the leaves are still intact, which is very unusual. The fossils have great color and contrast and are well showcased on the large, semi-squared plate of matrix. This is a very collectible and VERY DISPLAYABLE plate of TWO fossil Sycamore leaves.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.