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Very Distinct Sumac Leaf with Dentate Margins
Stock Number  FPUSU305

Name:   Rhus nigricans (Sumac Leaf)
Age:  Eocene
Formation:  Green River Formation
Location:  Bonanza, Utah
Size:  Leaf is 2.6 inches long
Price:  $25.00

This is a very fine specimen of Rhus nigricans, a Sumac leaf, from the Green River Formation of Utah. This leaf is quite distinct and wonderfully complete. This type of leaf has an asymmetrical base and extremely dentate margins. The venation is easily seen, and most of the leaf is fully intact. The dark brown color of the fossil plant contrasts nicely with the khaki-colored matrix. The leaf is well showcased on the natural plate of shale. This is an excellent example of a Sumac leaf from Utah.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.