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Very Uncommon Calamites Cone from Poland
Stock Number  FPPOL301
Fossil Plant of the Week

Name:   Calamites Cone (Calamostachys?)
Age:  Pennsylvanian
Formation:  Westphalian
Location:  Upper Silesia, Poland
Size:  Fossil is 1.8 inches long
Price:  $89.00

This is a rare fossil Calamites cone (or reproductive organ) from Poland. Calamites thrived in wet, humid habitats, such as along rivers and lake shores. Entire cones are quite rare in the fossil record. This specimen has excellent detail preserved. The fossil is well showcased in the natural plate of shale. This is a wonderful example of a fossil Calamites cone from Eastern Europe.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.